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612 Brew

945 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis

612Brew opened its doors February 2013 by four friends who had a dream of doing something different. The Brewery has a two-vessel 15bbl steam heated brewhouse with four-30bbl mirror polished fermentation tanks. The taproom has a seating capacity of 70, not including the outdoor patio, and features exceptional hand-crafted brews. The landmark building has exposed brick and timber along with polished concrete floors, an outdoor patio and a rain garden, creating a perfect atmosphere for the brewery.

Bang Brewing

2320 Capp Road, St Paul

Opening in the fall of 2013, Bang Brewing is one of Minnesota’s first dedicated organic brewery. Being committed to brewing only 100% organic beers their malts come from Wisconsin and their barley from North Dakota and Canada. Organic hops are harder to find locally so currently Bang sources theirs out of Maine and Oregon. Located in the St Anthony Park area of St Paul, the brewery is made from a grain bin which makes it one-of-a-kind.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

1315 Tyler Street NE, Minneapolis

Bauhaus Brew Labs is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all, beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. At Bauhaus, they take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure

Bent Brewstillery

1744 Terrace Drive, Roseville

Bent Brewstillery brings to spirits what craft brought to beer: the highest-quality ingredients and the utmost care in preparation. Quality over quantity is the craft brewer’s credo. They extend that to spirits. That’s right: They are Minnesota’s first-ever Brewstillery.

Burning Brothers Brewery

750 Thomas Avenue, St. Paul

Founded by Dane Breimhorst and Thom Foss in 2011 and based in St Paul, MN, Burning Brothers Brewing® is a full-scale production brewery that produces distinctive and specialty craft beers. The brewery takes it’s name from our founders old profession as fire-eaters, which is it’s own distinctive and special story. With a focus on innovation, quality and balance coupled with our blend of quirkiness, we strive to provide great-tasting and unique beers for you. Don’t fear the beer®.

Boom Island Brewing

2014 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis

Traveling to 13 breweries across Belgium, Kevin Welch was finally able to brew side-by-side with his heroes, the leading innovators in Belgian brewing. He is living (and brewing) proof of the power of one really good beer. He learned firsthand how different strains of yeast combine with spice additions and other “non-traditional” brewing ingredients to create the unique essence of Belgian beers. That’s why, today, you’ll find more than 1.000 different types of beer in Belgium. And now, one authentic Belgian brewery in Minneapolis.

Big Wood Brewery

2222 4th Street, White Bear Lake

At Big Wood Brewery, the definition of beer is FUN. They don’t take themselves too seriously (hey, they’re Minnesotans!). But even while they’re having a good time, they are working hard to brew the best, most flavorful beers possible. Ben Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Big Wood Brewery agrees with old Ben, so they want to make your beer experience a jovial one.

Dangerous Man Brewing

1300 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis

Dangerous Man Brewing is a small-scale tap house microbrewery located in the heart of NE Minneapolis. When you walk through the wooden doors you will find yourself in a cozy microbrewery with a family-friendly feeling. The seating and design of the space is creatively urban and comfortably inviting. There are long farm tables, cozy nooks, sitting area with couches and chairs, a well-placed TV for sporting events and a great sound system playing music you want to listen to.

ENKI Brewing

7929 Victoria Drive, Victoria

ENKI Brewing Company is located in the historic Victoria Creamery in downtown Victoria. ENKI is a full production brewing facility with a cozy tap room open to the public year round. They offer pints, growlers, merchandise, and gift certificates. Visit their website to learn more about their seasonal and limited release beers, taproom hours, and where to find them on tap.

Excelsior Brewing Company

421 3rd Street, Excelsior

Excelsior Brewing Co. is a Lake Minnetonka inspired microbrewery in the heart of Excelsior. Their mission is to celebrate the rich history of Lake Minnetonka and historic Excelsior by delivering superior brews hand-crafted in their image. They are committed to stewardship of the Lake and dedicated to serving the surrounding communities. The brewery offers a taproom, tours and growler sales.

Fulton Brewery

414 6th Avenue North, Minneapolis

The founders of Fulton Brewery started homebrewing in a one car garage in a South Minneapolis alley, daydreaming about one day building their own production brewery. Their dream suddenly came true. They love brewing beer. They love drinking beer. But their favorite thing about beer is that it brings people together. Located just blocks from Target Field, it is a favorite by many.

Harriet Brewing

3036 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis

Harriet Brewing takes pride in combining their knowledge of brewing, their open minds, and discerning pallets to brew both unique and traditional beers. They focus on brewing traditional European styles, particularly Belgian ales and German lagers. Each of their beers serves as an outlet of complete creative expression. Located in the vibrant Longfellow neighborhood, the brewery is known for their wide array of bands and artists that play in their taproom

Indeed Brewery

711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis

Indeed Brewing Company is situated in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis—a location replete with rich local history and known for being the birthplace of Art-a-Whirl. It’s inspiring for Indeed to be part of an area that has grown from immigrant stomping grounds to a place that hipsters call home, tipping back a glass of brew in the many pubs found here.

Lift Bridge Brewery

1900 Tower Drive West, Stillwater

Lift Bridge Brewing Company’s mission is simple: to create fine beers for you to enjoy! It is their pleasure to supply you with what you need to help you slow down and enjoy life. They hope that through every bottle and tap pull, you can taste: the history of their City, the pride and fun they have in its creation, the uncompromising natural ingredients and brewing process utilized.

Sisyphus Brewing

712 Ontario Avenue West, Minneapolis

Located in downtown Minneapolis, Sisyphus Brewing aims to educate beer drinkers about the variety of styles, ingredients and the brewing process. They aim to offer new beers on a weekly basis along with live entertainment in the form of live podcasts, comedy, and music.

Sociable Cider Werks

1500 Fillmore St NE, Minneapolis

Sociable is driven by a pretty simple vision. Cider should be much more than the lightly-alcoholic, made-from-concentrate, sweet apple juice boxes that currently dominate the shelf space. Sociable ciders are well carbonated, dry and always made from real apples. Simply put, they should be enjoyed like great draught beer. Sociable is not just hard cider, we’re much more.

Steel Toe Brewery

4848 West 35th Street, St Louis Park

Steel Toe Brewing opened its doors as a family-owned brewery in August 2011. They believe in working hard, following their passion, giving back to the community, being conscious of the world around them and producing the best quality product while kicking back with a great beer at the end of the day. They are a small MN craft brewery with big dreams of staying small


520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis

Omar, an obsessed homebrewer is looking through a homebrew catalog, sees a three-barrel brewing system and decides he wants to be in the business of beer. He proposes the idea of converting the family abrasives business to the owners (his parents), Nick and Dorit Ansari, and his wife Becca, and they all say ‘GO FOR IT!’ Omar starts learning about the brewery business, forms the plan, and hires accomplished local brewer, Todd Haug, to join him in converting an abrasives factory into a brewery.

Urban Growler

2325 Endicott Street, St Paul

Urban Growler™ in St Paul was founded in 2013 by Head Brewer Deb Loch and her partner Jill Pavlak. These two combined their complimentary skills and passions to create great beer for everyone – the scientific, creative, and business-minded brewer Deb, and the entrepreneur, sales, marketing and “make friends with anyone” Jill. This makes the Urban Growler™ beer, taproom and brand approachable to everyone.

Wabasha Brewing Company

429 Wabasha Street South, St. Paul

St. Paul’s first craft brewery to open on the west side of St. Paul, just a stones-throw from the Wabasha Caves. Come on in, enjoy a pint and take a growler of your favorite brew home with you.